Retirement Planning

Even if retirement is still far off at this point in your life, you can make steps today to work toward financial independence so you have the freedom to make retirement your own. 

  • How much do I need to Save?-This can seem like an impossible question to answer, but we can provide you with some clarity by focusing on some key questions you can ask yourself now.
  • Do I need an IRA if I have an Employer Retirement Plan?- In many cases, you don't need to chose one over the other -we see value in exploring if an IRA may be right for you even if you already contribute to your employer retirement plan.
  • Should I count on Social Security?-Many people ask whether Social Security will still be around when they need it. 
  • How Much Risk Should I Take? The biggest risk you face is not in the stock market- it's possibility of not reaching your long term goals.

Start today by contacting us. Together, you can develop a solid retirement savings strategy to help you live comfortably after you stop working. How much do you need to save? We can help.

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